San Diego Dental Implants

Dental implants are the preferred replacement for lost teeth. As anchors in the jawbone, dental implants form a stable foundation for permanent attachment of the crown; grinding of adjacent teeth does not take place, and since implants act as “artificial dental roots” by transmitting the chewing forces into the jaw, implants help to preserve the bone.
Key Benefits

  • Helps to preserve bone by replacing tooth root
  • Looks, feels, functions like a natural tooth
  • Protects adjacent teeth against grinding
  • Superior long-term aesthetics
  • Same care required as natural teeth

Treatment Procedure

Specifically how dental implant surgery is performed depends on the type of implant used and the condition of your jawbone. In general, the dental implant cylinder is first implanted in your jawbone, and then you must sit through a period of healing for several months. After that, the abutment is placed, followed by a shorter healing period. Finally, you get your new artificial tooth, sometimes also called an implant prosthesis or crown. Some people may require bone grafting before the initial dental implant surgery, which lengthens the whole process.

Before / After
invisalign San Diego for a beautiful smileinvisalign San Diego for a beautiful smile